Friday, March 23, 2018

Michael Faruolo Finds The Positive No Matter What Life Throws His Way

Many of Peirce College’s students have overcome challenges or adversity in their lives in order to chase their educational dreams. Human Resource Management student, Michael Faruolo, is no exception. In fact, the reason Michael decided to begin his college journey at The Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) was because he found himself in a situation which originally appeared as a setback, but rather he found it to be a time for advancement.

For about a ten-year stretch, Michael worked as a restaurant manager on cruise ships, sailing around the world and traveling to exotic destinations where he enjoyed his favorite hobby, scuba diving. And then all of a sudden, everything changed.

Michael was unfortunately stricken with an internal illness that affected his kidneys, and in 2012, while on a multi-year dialysis regimen and awaiting a kidney transplant, he had a revelation. Michael decided he could find the positive in this life-altering experience by putting his recovery time to good use – furthering his education.

“In truth it was mostly because of my mom,” Michael offered. “She went through dialysis for 22 years and passed away in 2006, but always kept so positive and strong, so I knew it would make her proud to see me succeed considering everything I had to go through.”

Michael admits that things were very difficult at times and he did think about withdrawing more than once, but it was always the memory of his mother that kept him going. This drive allowed for Michael to graduate from CCP in 2014 with an outstanding 4.0 GPA. Following this accomplishment, he knew he could do even more. He applied to Peirce College and started his next educational journey in 2015.

Unfortunately, soon after his commitment to Peirce, life got in the way again when Michael was forced to have his kidneys removed and go back on dialysis treatments. His fatigue was so severe that he was forced to withdraw from classes until he received his transplant.

This setback certainly did not stop Michael, though. Shortly after his transplant, he re-enrolled and hasn’t looked back since. He currently has seven classes remaining until he earns his bachelor’s degree, and says he expects to graduate with another perfect 4.0!

As Michael continues on with chasing his dream, he notes that one of the most special and miraculous parts in his story is his donor who is a man in his 20’s who opted to remain anonymous.

When speaking about his hero, Michael is clearly touched and thankful every single day. “It just reminds you that there are truly good people out there,” explained Michael, “It’s hard to describe the feeling that goes into someone you’ve never met that literally saves your life, and doesn’t even expect a thank you in return. It’s incredibly powerful.”

In addition to his class schedule and his job Tuesday through Friday evening, Michael chooses to pay the favor his donor gave him forward by volunteering as much as he possibly can. He has been with The Gift of Life Family House for over six years, and he drives a shuttle for patients and their family members to and from their doctor’s appointments. It’s inspiring to see how Michael has embraced his new opportunity in life by fulfilling his personal goals and by giving back to those in need.

We at Peirce College congratulate Michael for overcoming the true hardships in his life, and for everything he does to make sure many that follow in his footsteps have an easier time coping with their afflictions. Best of luck in all of your future educational and personal endeavors, Michael – you make the Peirce family proud!

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