Wednesday, March 21, 2018

More Than Just A Degree Completion Program – Organizational Leadership

At Peirce College, we focus on offering flexibility and vast opportunities for all adult learners seeking to achieve their dream degree. Part of this flexibility and opportunity is our degree completion programs such as Organizational Leadership in our business division. For this month’s program feature, we introduce how achieving a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership may be the best path for someone looking to obtain valuable workforce-ready skills while maximizing their previously acquired college credits.

Peirce’s Organizational Leadership program offers a variety of benefits such as the opportunity to transfer in as many as 90 college credits, the ability to complete your bachelor’s degree in as little as one year and the development of a solid leadership foundation transferable to just about any career field.

We have current students and graduates working in nearly all sectors of business. With your Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership degree, you could pursue a leadership position in areas such as banking, retail, insurance, office management, communications, non-profit, service industry, healthcare, education or the City of Philadelphia.

As an Organizational Leadership student, you’ll learn about project management, ethical leadership, accounting, finance and human resources. The core skills you’ll develop in these courses will round out your business and management skillset, making you an effective leader of people. You will have the opportunity to draw on information technology skills to advance your research methods as an avenue for decision making. Additionally, you will work on and improve your collaboration skills since that is a true snapshot of the working world.

Following graduation, you will be able to utilize your new knowledge to identify organizational problems and opportunities and then efficiently communicate recommendations to key stakeholders. Also, you will be able to assess ethical issues in economic competition and organizational management and make recommendations for change.

You won’t gain all of this knowledge and these workforce-relevant skills just inside the classroom, though. Peirce’s Business Division offers a variety of ways to continue your development outside the classroom so you get the most of your experience with the College.

For example, the Business Division is currently forming the Business Division Student Association. This student-led association will provide opportunities for networking with other students, networking with industry leaders, and most importantly, you may have an opportunity to take a leadership position. There’s no better place or way to practice your skills and build your resume!

But wait, there’s more! If you want to further elevate your leadership potential, our bachelor’s students will build a foundation that’s perfect for continuing their education with Peirce’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management. If you meet the criteria, you can even take two graduate courses, at the undergraduate tuition rate while completing your bachelor’s degree and be on the fast track to earning your master’s degree even sooner!

To get started with the Organizational Leadership program, please contact us at 215.545.6400 or to learn more!