Friday, March 30, 2018

Save The Date – For The Week That Will Get You Closer To Graduation!

As the warmer months are finally upon us and we start dreaming about our summer plans and vacations, believe it or not with the blink of an eye the 2018-2019 school year will be here! It is not too early to start thinking about what classes you plan on taking for the upcoming academic year. As the saying goes: the early bird gets the worm!

To help prepare students for the new school year, Peirce is proud to host the Registration Blitz the week of April 16 through April 20, 2018! This week is full of advisors, classes and registrations and is the perfect way to meet with your advisor, pick the classes you want, when you want and move forward confidently into the summer and furthermore academic year knowing you are one step closer to graduation.

There are many benefits when a student maps out their courses in advance for the upcoming academic year. One of these benefits includes saving a seat in a particular course you need and/or want. Some of our most popular courses such as COMM 112, HUM 102, SCI 105, and MATH 101 fill up quickly so by registering early you get the opportunity to guarantee your spot and alleviate the stress of missing out on your top choices.

This especially holds true for our students who enjoy taking part in our Peirce Fit® courses, which gives students the opportunity to choose weekly whether to attend class on campus or online. These flexible courses are in high-demand, so if you are someone who enjoys this type of learning environment, registering for the full year in advance will allow you to have the academic year that best fits your life.

Another reason why it is good to plan out your 2018-2019 course schedule during the Registration Blitz is sometimes certain courses are not offered when you need to take them. If this is the case, you can work with both your advisor and the faculty chair of the department that is running the course to discuss the possibility of an Independent Study. Setting up an Independent Study Course can take some time, so the earlier you request to do so, the better!

Finally, while the entire academic journey is a wonderful experience for our students to embark on, the countdown to graduation is definitely something that motivates our students to make it to the finish line. Planning out your classes in advance will help give you an idea of when your graduation date will finally be here and a set goal to look forward to and continue chasing.

The benefits are clear: The Registration Blitz is the week for you! If you’re worried you won’t know what life will have in store for you for the entire upcoming year right now, no need to sweat! If for some reason you have to reorganize your 2018-2019 course schedule after you have participated in the Registration Blitz, you have the flexibility to do so. As long as you work with your Academic Advisor before the add/drop period of each particular session, you will be able to avoid facing academic and/or financial penalties or complications.

As a last piece of advice, for those students who use financial aid, it would be in your best interest to reach out to your Financial Aid Specialist prior to the Registration Blitz to discuss how much financial aid you will most likely be awarded for the next academic year. By meeting with your Financial Aid Specialist in advance, you will then know how many classes you can register for when meeting with your advisor. Additionally, you can get ahead by researching alternative ways, such as scholarships and grants, to help finance your classes if you feel you want to exceed your current class limit. To contact Student Financial Services, call 215.670.9600 or

On behalf of the entire Peirce Academic Advising Team, we look forward to working with all of our students during the Registration Blitz 2018! If you have any questions and/or concerns prior to the week, please do not hesitate to reach out to anyone on the Advising Team at 215.670.9177 or