Monday, April 23, 2018

Program Feature of the Month: Criminal Justice

On Thursday, April 19, students, faculty and community members gathered to take part in a unique conversation at the Criminal Justice Panel and Networking Event. This event, sponsored by the Peirce College Legal Studies Student Association, featured a diverse panel of criminal justice professionals from across the spectrum. Panelists included:
  1. Xavier Beaufort, Deputy Warden, Philadelphia Department of Prisons
  2. Trooper Danea L. Durham, Pennsylvania State Police Recruitment Unit
  3. Gina Gorbey-Zarko, Assistant District Attorney, Delaware County PA
  4. Cerena J Coughlin, Special Agent, FBI Philadelphia
  5. Renée Julian, Staff Operations Specialist, FBI Philadelphia
The conversation at the event was led by these unique experts who opened up about their educational, personal and professional backgrounds with the audience. They also led a discussion on requirements for entering the field and best practices for the application and interview process. They allowed for the community to hear their stories and learn from their own experiences. Additionally, they opened the floor for questions where the audience could get involved and ask the hard-hitting questions everyone was thinking.

This event ties directly into the goals of the Peirce College Criminal Justice Program, which includes the opportunity to best prepare our students with workforce-relevant skills for those aspiring to enter the criminal justice field or to advance in their current criminal justice position. This event ties the knot between real-world and classroom experience, which is vital for our students’ success following graduation.

Peirce's Criminal Justice Program provides a solid foundation for progression in many different criminal justice fields of study including law enforcement, correctional system, criminal investigation and more! This foundation is made possible with the help of courses such as, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminology, Juvenile Court Systems, Criminal Law, and Criminal Investigation, just to name a few. Our faculty is made up of experienced criminal justice professionals from a variety of backgrounds including police officers, district attorneys, and seasoned investigators. Students who join the Criminal Justice Program have the opportunity to receive their associates and/or bachelor’s degree.

Peirce is humbled to have been able to welcome such an elite panel of professionals in order to offer an event like the Criminal Justice Panel and Networking Event for our students, so they can expand their knowledge beyond the classroom walls and best prepare for their dream careers.

To get started or to learn more about our Criminal Justice program, please contact us at 215.670.9000 or Check back in next month to see what program feature will be up next!