Thursday, May 31, 2018

Creating Bridges Between Education and Workforce Development

As part of its continued efforts to increase our city and region’s socioeconomic mobility through workforce-ready education and strategic partnerships, Peirce College recently joined forces with the Urban League of Philadelphia to host its Urban Tech Jobs Program.

This free program, with the goal of bridging education and workforce development, offered fourteen students the opportunity to participate in classroom learning and job readiness and resiliency workshops – all in preparation for the CompTIA A+ Certification exam and stepping stone into the tech space. By completing the certification exam, students became well equipped to compete for living-wage jobs in a booming industry. The Urban League covered the cost of the certification exam and Peirce College provided both instruction and a pathway to earning their associate’s degree.

“The responsibility for battling unemployment in Philadelphia does not fall to any one entity. It is up to all of us in the higher education, non-profits, for profit, and government sectors to work together toward our shared economic goals,” said Uva Coles, vice president of institutional advancement and strategic partnerships at Peirce. “We are thrilled that the Urban League has chosen us as a collaborator in its Urban Tech Jobs Program and that we can play an integral role in this work.”

Through the nine-week program, participants learned how to assemble components; install, configure and maintain devices, PCs and software; diagnose, resolve and document common issues; and provide appropriate customer support. Students found value in this training and provided their own personal feedback on the experience:

“The Urban Tech program was an awesome learning experience, and a great opportunity to take part in. It is designed to stretch you into what is current, and prepare you for a complex work environment. I feel that I am now provided with enough information to engage in the future and contribute to the tech world.” – Valerie Tartt

The partnership with the Urban League is just one example of the connections Peirce College has built throughout the Philadelphia region to help in its efforts to improve the lives of working adults and their families through targeted educational and workforce programs. Peirce College looks forward to working with the Urban League on future cohorts.