Monday, May 21, 2018

From Peirce College to Rachael Ray – Meet Janet Taylor

On Monday, May 14, 2018, Peirce College was honored to host the 2018 Spring Alumni Reception where our alumni community came together in celebration. During the event, we also recognized the two 2018 Alumni Award Recipients: Shandai Moore-Jenkins, Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, and Janet Taylor, Distinguished Service Award recipient. Today, we want to take some time to introduce you to one of the award winners: Janet Taylor.

Janet is a 1986 Peirce graduate who majored in Fashion Merchandising who has found much success during her career journey. She is the Founder and President of Totally Organized, LLC where she provides expert tips and tricks on managing one’s life and space in a stress-free way. Most recently, her work was recognized on national television by Rachael Ray.

Before Janet was a career superstar, she went through her own unique educational journey where she built her tenacity and determination. Starting at a larger institution, Janet was less than inspired when a professor told her she would never be a success. Janet knew this wasn’t true, but she also knew this wasn’t the school for her. Janet said, “I knew I was smart, but I needed a school that fit me. I needed something more intimate.” Janet headed closer to home and started to search for her new path, “I wanted a college with great reputation and that was Peirce.”

After discovering Peirce, Janet said everything fell into place even adding, “Peirce gave me a second chance.” After earning this second chance and finding her true niche, Janet graduated with a 3.7 GPA and headed into the workforce to further discover everything she was capable of.

In 1994, Janet found her calling as an entrepreneur and that is when she opened her own business, Totally Organized, LLC. At first, this small business was just a part-time commitment, but as demand grew and her services became more well-known, Janet took on owning and running her business full time. Soon enough, she was being recognized all over the world.

One day, as Janet was scrolling through her email, she discovered something that looked intriguing. The Rachael Ray Show found her on Instagram and wanted to chat with her about tips for organization! To Janet’s surprise, this was a real request that soon grew into an invitation to come on the show.

After making a home video and taking lots of deep breaths, Janet had the opportunity to go on the Rachael Ray show where she competed against another top organizer for the title of Clutter-Free Queen. The best part? Janet won! This passionate Peirce Alum showed how her creativity and vision could turn the most amount of clutter into a beautiful piece of artwork.

After all of the excitement of Rachael Ray began to calm down, Peirce College had a surprise of their own for Janet. As a dedicated alumna who has served on an advisory board, participated in multiple panels at student events, and given back time and energy to the College, Janet was rightfully awarded the 2018 Distinguished Service Award. As Janet put it, “I have to pinch myself at times. I have such a special place in my heart for Peirce. They gave me the second chance I needed. And now they have allowed me to be a part of the advisory board where I can give back to the next generation.”

Peirce College is honored to have a community of alumni, such as Janet Taylor, who not only bring their enthusiasm and expertise back to the College, but also represent us so well as they continue to find success in their careers.