Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Get to Know More About Peirce’s ABA-Approved Paralegal Studies Program

At Peirce College, our Paralegal Studies program offers students the opportunity to build a solid career as a legal professional. From a certificate to an associate to a bachelor’s degree, Peirce offers it all. This month we are featuring (and applauding) the Paralegal Studies program.

Peirce’s Paralegal Studies program allows students and alumni to stand out above the rest! Peirce’s paralegal studies bachelor’s degree is the only American Bar Association (ABA) approved program of its kind in the Philadelphia region. During their time with Peirce, students prepare for careers working in law firms, judicial offices, corporate legal and human resources departments, government, nonprofit organizations and more!

Need more convincing? Hear from one of our students on how pursuing her paralegal degree at Peirce is exactly what she wanted (and needed):

After her five children were grown and her husband was settled into his own business, Robyn Petersen realized that it was time for her to do something for herself. Robyn immediately knew what she wanted to do – head back to school.

Robyn always had the idea of earning her degree in the back of her mind and recently found the inspiration she needed. With over 11 years of Human Resource experience at TD Bank, it was time to broaden her horizons.

Robyn said, “I could acquire as much experience as possible, but wanted a degree in something I was passionate about that would lend itself to multiple people and issues.” This is what motivated Robyn to attend Camden County College to complete her associate’s degree.

After finding her balance with work, family and school, Robyn excelled and graduated in 2018 with her degree in Paralegal Studies. Following this accomplishment, Robyn wasn’t quite sure what her next step would be. Luckily, a classmate saved the day. “I was speaking with a fellow student who mentioned they would be transitioning to Peirce following graduation. She explained to me how Peirce College had the only ABA-approved bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies in the Philadelphia area and I was instantly intrigued,” explained Robyn, “My husband and I came out to visit and as soon as my Enrollment Specialist, Blake Scull, welcomed us, I felt that this is where I needed to be.”

Once Robyn started at Peirce, she immediately felt the support. Right away, Robyn said she was included in the Legal Studies Student Association where she could learn and participate in various events and activities. In addition to this new organization, Robyn found support from her professors, especially Professor Cynthia Gentile, who brought an important event up to Robyn and encouraged her to attend.

This event would change Robyn’s educational journey for the better: The South Jersey Legal Association’s Paralegal Education Symposium. “I learned and gained so much from this event. I recommend it to every student out there looking for a networking opportunity. I got to meet so many people and grow in my experiences just from one event,” said Robyn.

In addition to the new relationships made, Robyn left the event with a goody bag in hand. When she took a look inside, she found a form for a scholarship opportunity. After giving it some thought, she applied and, to her surprise, she WON! Robyn is now the proud recipient of the 2018 Paralegal Educational Scholarship.

After receiving this honor, Robyn is now back in the classroom; she is giving it her all and pursuing her academic and professional goals. Robyn said what she loves most about taking part in Peirce’s Paralegal Studies program is, “you can get a certificate, an associate and/or a bachelor’s degree. Not many places offer all three and these days you need a higher education credential to land a job, so the flexibility of offering all three is incredible.”

Now, a proud scholarship recipient and a dedicated student, Robyn is on the fast-track to earning her bachelor’s degree with an anticipated graduation year of 2019. Following graduation, Robyn hopes to work as a corporate paralegal, so she can combine her passion for working with people and the law.

Peirce College and the Legal Studies Department are honored to serve a student like Robyn who is finally chasing her personal goals by earning her bachelor’s degree! To learn more about our Paralegal Studies program, reach out to our Admissions Team at 215.670.9000 or admissions@peirce.edu.

Check back next month to see what program feature will be up next!