Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Earn Your First Competency FREE With CBE!

Do you know someone who is looking to earn their bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in the most affordable and efficient way possible? If so, now is the time to refer them to Peirce’s competency-based education program, so they can earn their first competency completely for free!

The College has launched a free trial program that lets prospective CBE students take a brief trial course to better understand the system and how it works, all while earning their first competency in the program. There is no catch; we want anyone who is interested to see how this unique learning model can work for them. It’s a sneak peek into your future academic journey.

It’s simple to sign up. Just head to peirce.edu/CBE-Free-Trial and click the “Sign Up Here” button; create an account and you’ll immediately be entered into the CBE Free Trial portal. This portal will give you direct access to the FREE CBE introduction course. Read the instructions at the top and start completing your course activities!

Now is a great time to get started on finally earning that degree. And with our free trial program, you can earn your first competency before you even apply! Contact our Admissions Department if you have any questions.

*The credit for prior learning is not transferrable to other institutions or other Peirce College programs.