Tuesday, July 3, 2018

From An Open House to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital – Meet Tiffani Nazzario

Tiffani Nazzario was familiar with Peirce College after being raised by two Peirce Alumni parents! But, following high school graduation, Tiffani wasn’t entirely sure where her future would lead her.

Tiffani decided to take a look at the College where her parents found success and attended an open house. After meeting Professor Stephanie Donovan, Faculty Chair and Associate Professor of Health Programs, Tiffani was sold. Tiffani said, “[Professor Donovan] made a presentation that really stood out to me and made me make up my mind that this was the college I wanted to go to.”

Once Tiffani’s mind was set on where she would attend college, the next question came rather quickly: what program would she enroll in? After hearing from Professor Donovan and reflecting on her true passions, Tiffani decided to take part in the Healthcare Administration program. She said, “I chose Healthcare Administration because I always wanted to help people. I felt that by being in the healthcare field, I could help patients and medical personnel on a daily basis.”

Once Tiffani started, she immediately realized she had made the right decision. Tiffani began learning more than she could have imagined as soon as classes started, “Healthcare Administration expanded my horizons on many things like health insurance, medical issues, certain illnesses and business operations that go on in a hospital or healthcare facility.” Tiffani knew she was getting the knowledge she needed to succeed in an ever-growing industry.

After much dedication and years of hard work, Tiffani was able to complete her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration in June 2018. But before she achieved this astounding accomplishment, she was able to reach her post-graduation goal before she even crossed the commencement stage! As of May 2018, Tiffani was offered and accepted an Administrative Assistant position in the Clinical Research department at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Tiffani said, “I value Peirce College so much for giving me the education and degree that helped me achieve my goal of working at a hospital. I gained so much knowledge and Peirce really helped me come out of my shell and develop my intrapersonal and communication skills.”

As Tiffani transitions into a Peirce alumna and takes on the workforce, she left us with a little insight for all future students on how she was able to reach her goals, “Peirce College is such a great school not just for young students, but for older students, as well. Peirce is the best because they offer night classes, many classes online and Peirce Fit® classes, which allow you to pick from week-to-week if you want to attend class online or on campus. The faculty and staff here at Peirce College really care about you and treat everyone like one big family, and I just love that.”

Congratulations to Tiffani on obtaining her degree and landing her dream job! We wish her nothing but success as she continues chasing her dreams.

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