Friday, July 27, 2018

Remembering Brian Webb

In May 2018, tragedy struck when Brian Webb, a 2018 Peirce healthcare graduate, lost his life. Brian was an incredible student, community member, son and friend. He is remembered and cherished by many, including his Peirce College family.

In celebration of Brian’s memory, today we are sharing his story of persistence, determination, and success.

As is the case with many students, when Brian Webb graduated from high school, he wasn’t quite ready for college. According to Brian’s mother, Mrs. Juanita Webb, Brian was very self-aware of what he wanted and needed at that time in his life, so he joined the United States Airforce. After leaving the military, he established a place for himself in the City’s workforce.

One day, seemingly out of the blue, Brian approached his mother and declared he was going back to school. In recalling the moment between them, Mrs. Webb said, “Brian inspired himself. It was all a personal decision and journey. I was, of course, very encouraging of this decision once he enrolled, but Brian came to this new educational path all on his own.”

Brian first started his educational journey at the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) where he earned his associate degree. And while this was an incredible accomplishment, he still had bigger dreams to realize. A proud mom, Mrs. Webb watched him seamlessly transition from CCP to Peirce College to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Administration.

Brian’s mother explained, “Brian’s hobby was his education. There was never a time he wasn’t studying, reading or writing a paper. He found such interest in the topics. I never knew of his passion for the healthcare industry until he was so involved in it during college.”

In addition to Brian’s passion for education and the healthcare field, Brian had a drive to be kind to everyone, everywhere. Mrs. Webb said, “Brian found the good in every situation and every person. He would always look for the positive no matter where he went or who he met.” His kind spirit extended well beyond supporting people. Brian also had a passion for nature. In his spare time, you could find him giving time, energy and love to the beautification of surrounding lawns.

Brian completed his degree in April 2018 and was scheduled to walk across the stage at the Kimmel Center this past June. He passed away in May. Although his death was a devastating tragedy to all who knew him, his life was still a gift to those who called him relative, colleague, Peirce community member and dear friend.

As Brian’s family and friends continue to remember him for his passion for education, humility and kindness, Mrs. Webb also wants to underscore some advice she knows Brian would encourage. “For all those individuals out there thinking they are too old to go back to school or those who think they won’t be able to keep up, it is never too late. Brian was as sharp as ever at his age and he would encourage everyone to follow their dreams. Brian had a dream of earning his bachelor’s degree and he made it happen; his dream came true!”