Friday, August 17, 2018

Using LinkedIn to Advance Your Career

Most people know that LinkedIn is a great tool for managing a professional network. But did you know that LinkedIn is also an important tool in job searching and career planning especially as a Peirce College student?

LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with over 7,100 Peirce alumni throughout the Philadelphia region and across the globe. You can reach out directly to people with whom you’d like to connect, or use LinkedIn’s alumni tool to quickly see who is working in your target industry. According to LinkedIn, 70% of people are hired at a company where they already have a first- or second-degree connection, so these connections become an important way to move your career forward. Reviewing the profiles of senior executives (or someone who recently changed careers) is also an important way to inform your own career moves. You can see what types of jobs helped these individuals advance, and think about what types of 3-5 year jobs will help you reach your 5-10 year career.

In addition, LinkedIn continues to develop career-related resources, most recently launching a new job-searching tool that lets you search job postings by industry and region, as well as a salary comparison tool so that job seekers can quickly see average pay rates for candidates with similar levels of experience in their industries.

These tools are important because most workers today will need to develop their own career pathways. The more you know about opportunities that are available, the pay rates you can expect – and, of course, the pathways of others – the more you will be able to map out your strategic moves.

Remember that all of this work builds on a strong LinkedIn profile that includes:
  • A clear photo of you, smiling, in front of a neutral background
  • A snappy headline that captures your core professional skills
  • A brief summary of your experience to date (think: personal commercial or elevator pitch)
  • Your complete work, educational and volunteer histories
But you don’t have to do this alone! Your network starts at Peirce. Not only will Career Development Services (CDS) help you amp up your LinkedIn profile, you can also get a new headshot taken right in the CDS office. Contact us at 215.670.9202 or to make an appointment today!