Friday, October 26, 2018

From Master Baker to Master Student – Meet Heidi Schoentube

If you were to ask recent Peirce College graduate Heidi Schoentube what her passion is, she’d be more likely to say that it’s baking than researching case files or preparing legal documents. But after life threw her some unique twists, Heidi found herself pursuing a new passion.

Heidi graduated from Peirce College with her bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies in June 2018, but she didn’t always want to pursue this type of career. Baking was actually her first love and her intended career path. From this initial desire, Heidi had opened her own small business and owned and operated her own bakery for a period of time. But after a health scare prevented her from being able to work in the kitchen anymore, Heidi reflected on her time as a business owner and found a new interest in the legal field.

“I knew I had to make a career change, and during the process of starting my business, I became fascinated by the legal aspects. The zoning issues, getting all the contracts completed, those kinds of things,” explained Heidi. “I wanted to learn more about the law, so I thought about it as a career path.”

That train of thought led Heidi to enroll at Northampton Community College, a community college partner of Peirce College, in the summer of 2015. She took as many courses as possible every semester, and graduated with her associate degree in the spring of 2017. Wasting no time at all in continuing her education, Heidi enrolled at Peirce College in the summer of 2017 to pursue her bachelor’s degree.

Heidi said she originally heard of Peirce College through some posters in the transfer department at Northampton County College, which piqued her interest and made her want to learn more. Once she learned that all of her Northampton credits would transfer to Peirce, and that she could take all of her classes either online or in person, Heidi knew that she had found the perfect fit.

“Everything with my transfer was as smooth as possible. I was so glad that all my credits transferred, but I was even more thrilled that I qualified for the max amount of transfer scholarship money because I entered Peirce carrying a 3.8 GPA,” Heidi said.

When asked about her favorite aspects of her time at Peirce College, Heidi mentioned the flexibility of the Peirce Fit® learning format that allowed her to attend class online or in person on a weekly basis. “For the first few months I made it a point to come to campus for classes. I loved all my teachers, especially Professor Cyndi Gentile. She was kind, fair and very informative. As I became more and more familiar with the school and my classes, I tried attending online, and it was more convenient for me. Towards the end I was doing nearly all of my classes online.”

Heidi graduated from Peirce College in June 2018 with her Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies and is currently working as a Clerical Technician in the Department of Corrections at Northampton County Prison. She believes she’d like to go to law school in the future, and either pursue a career practicing or teaching law. In her spare time, Heidi loves to take pictures, run (she runs half-marathons!), spend time with her daughter and husband, and of course, she still enjoys baking.

Peirce College salutes Northampton County College for providing Heidi with a wonderful educational foundation, and wishes her all the best in her future endeavors!

If you or someone you know is looking to transfer to Peirce College, please contact me, Tom Tschop, Manager, Institutional Partnerships, at 215.670.9203 or