Friday, December 14, 2018

No Amount Of Time Could Keep Christopher Hinckley From Achieving His Dreams

“After high school I was not interested in going to college right away. I initially planned on working for a year and then giving it a try. Well, one year turned into two, my daughter was born and before I knew it, fourteen years had passed,” explained Chris Hinckley.

In a similar fashion to other Peirce College students, Chris Hinckley had let the immediate idea of college fade away as he tackled other aspects of his life. Finally, one day Chris decided to circle back to his original intentions and registered at Montgomery County Community College. He found immediate success and enjoyed the experience.

Chris knew he was ready to earn his degree, but once again life stepped in and pulled him in another direction. In the blink of an eye, ten years had flown by. Luckily, on the way to a family vacation, his fiancé Heather brought his dreams back into conversation and questioned why he never returned.

“I had several very weak excuses, but essentially I was just afraid that as a forty-ish year old man, I wouldn’t be able to handle it,” said Chris. “Heather felt otherwise and by the time we arrived at our destination, she had signed me up to attend Peirce!”

In January 2017, Chris seamlessly transferred in credits from Montgomery County Community College and found himself finally back on track to earn the degree he had always wanted. Chris enrolled in Peirce’s Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies program and has only found success since.

“I have learned so much already and not just about the paralegal sector, but the legal field in general. I have also been able to learn more about myself and gain confidence in my abilities I never had before,” described Chris.

Chris not only has been gaining the intellectual assistance he aimed to achieve, but he has also found financial support every student desires when heading back to school as a working adult. Due to Chris’s hard work and dedication to the Paralegal Studies program at Peirce and his drive to accomplish his dreams, Chris has been awarded SEVEN scholarships so far during his time at the College. He has won the 2018 Delaware County Paralegal Association Scholarship, W.W. Smith Scholarship, J. Linford Snyder Scholarship, Arthur J. Lendo Endowed Scholarship, Arcadia Foundation Scholarship, Professor Edwin B. Miller Memorial Scholarship and most recently the 2018-2019 Chester County Paralegal Association Scholarship.

Through this financial support, Chris has been able to continue to pursue his dreams of earning his bachelor’s degree, which he hopes will inspire his children, “to see that it is never too late to change the direction of your life. Sometimes things don’t go as we plan, but with hard work and commitment, anything is possible,” said Chris.

Chris currently works in the Records Management department at an Intellectual Property Law Firm where he supports attorneys, legal assistants and paralegals. His goal is to advance into one of the paralegal positions and report directly to the attorneys.

Thanks to Chris’s ambition and the unwavering support of his fiancĂ©, Chris is on track to graduate in August 2019. Congratulations to Chris for his achievements thus far and best wishes as he continues to chase his academic and professional goals!