Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Bringing Passion and Credits from Florida to Philly – Meet Cedrick Massey

Having to relocate to New Jersey after completing nearly 60 hours in an associate degree program in Florida may have caused some to put their dreams on hold; not Cedrick Massey though. Cedrick moved north and immediately began to figure out how he could finally complete his goal of earning his degree.

Finding his passion within Paralegal Studies, Cedrick knew this was the path he wanted to continue down, but where would he go?

He began looking throughout New Jersey and eventually his search led him to Philadelphia, specifically 1420 Pine Street where he met Karen Hun, one of Peirce’s Undergraduate Enrollment Specialists.

After discussing Cedrick’s difficulty with financial aid and tuition costs, Karen had the perfect solution for Cedrick: a scholarship!

“Karen Hun encouraged me to apply for the Presidential Scholarship as a way to solve my dilemma of not having the finances to finish my degree,” explained Cedrick. “To my surprise, I won! Thanks to that scholarship and Karen, my life has changed forever.”

In Fall 2014, Cedrick enrolled in Peirce’s Paralegal Studies bachelor’s program. Cedrick was able to transfer in all his credits from Florida, so not only did he find the most affordable option for school, but he found the most efficient.

Cedrick said during his time at Peirce, he was challenged in ways he was not accustomed to, and that was exactly what he was looking for. “Peirce College is not going to cheat you of an education because it is structured for adults. Peirce provides a great education for all.”

Cedrick even expressed how his education was directly applicable to his current career as a Corporate Paralegal and Compliance Administrator, “Peirce is one of the leading schools for Paralegal Studies in the country and it has been directly relatable to my job with the skills and knowledge I learned in the classroom. My boss has even made comments to me saying, ‘Do that Peirce thing you learned’ and would note how my homework was extremely similar to his in law school.”

Beyond just the workforce-relevant experience he gained, Cedrick said the flexibility and community-feel were two other components of Peirce that made him truly enjoy his time with the College. “Peirce Fit® is wonderful because it takes online and on-campus classes to a whole new level of flexibility, especially for working adults. Additionally, all the faculty and staff are personable, knowledgeable and compassionate. Peirce is not just about numbers, they are about each and every student.”

Cedrick completed his original goal of earning his Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies in December 2018 from Peirce College. After accomplishing this milestone, he realized he was not done yet. “Now I want to move on to law school. I am going to be working with Peirce’s Career Development Services to finalize my resume and start applying to schools!”

Congratulations to Cedrick on all of his accomplishments and we wish him much success with his next educational and career adventure!