Friday, May 24, 2019

Meet Jeffrey Alexander, the 2019 Student Commencement Speaker

After many years of hard work and career development, Jeffrey (Jeff) Alexander attended a company-wide lecture and discovered a new goal he never knew he desired.

Dr. Cathy Littlefield, Professor and Faculty Chair of the Business Division at Peirce College, visited Beneficial Bank, a corporate partner of Peirce College. She spoke with Beneficial employees on the power of time management and how this skill can be directly applied to going back to school for your master’s degree. Following the lecture, Dr. Littlefield pulled Jeff aside and invited him to take one Peirce graduate course to see what he thought. This is where Jeff’s Peirce journey began.

“At the time, I had no desire of going back to school. I was busy at work, home and I volunteer a lot of hours in my community. The idea of earning another degree was furthest from my mind.” said Jeff. “But, after I spoke with Dr. Littlefield and took one class, that one class turned to two, which eventually turned to twelve.”

Jeff officially enrolled at Peirce College in the Fall of 2016 in the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management program. He was eager to further develop his skills for the workplace. “In my current position, I am part of our Education and Development department. I manage our team of trainers. My goal with this program was to better develop my leadership and management skills so I could be a better leader and coach for them.”

Throughout his time at the College, Jeff attended most classes on campus allowing him to gain experience inside and outside the classroom. He explained how not only did he learn from his knowledgeable professors, but he also learned so much from his classmates. “At Peirce, I developed wonderful relationships with both my professors and peers. I gained the knowledge they already had and was able to share the skills I knew,” said Jeff. “I made some lifelong contacts from this program and I was so impressed by every person I encountered.”

As Jeff reflects back on his time at Peirce, he said, “I am so grateful for my entire Peirce experience. My life has changed significantly for the better, I know I have a guaranteed great future ahead of me thanks to the knowledge, tools, positive outlook and contacts provided to me at Peirce.”

Thanks to that one lecture and conversation, Jeff is now going to be a proud Peirce graduate with a master’s degree that enhances his career. He said, “My goal with this new degree is to continue to work in management and in banking. I want to continue to help my company achieve its mission and goals. With the help of my new leadership and management skills, I know I can do exactly that!”

Jeff will proudly walk across the commencement stage on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, but not before he takes on another important role at graduation. I am thrilled to announce that Jeff will be this year’s student commencement speaker! Peirce College is thrilled to have such an outstanding and driven graduate stand on the stage to address, thank and inspire the Class of 2019.

Congratulations to Jeff on all of his accomplishments!