Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Prepared to Speak the Computer Programming Language – Meet Corin Price-Howard

With a goal of learning the language for computer programming, Corin Price-Howard set out to earn a degree in a field that was both an interest and a passion for her. After discovering Peirce College’s Information Technology program, Corin enrolled and began her educational journey.

Corin started at Peirce in 2017 after strolling by the blue Peirce flags on Pine Street and doing some personal research to discover the opportunity for a degree in Information Technology. After being inspired by a previous college course, Corin was eager to take her knowledge beyond her original programming passion to discover even more computer experience she could take into the real world.

“I originally chose the Information Technology Program because I wanted to learn more about the programming language C#. In taking the Information Technology classes at Peirce, I started to learn all about the monitor and the computer, from the software to the hardware before even focusing on the programming languages that Peirce College offered,” explained Corin. “I expanded my knowledge from what I already knew about computer software, hardware and C# to a whole other level when taking classes at Peirce.”

Beyond just the new knowledge Corin was gaining, Corin also found a lot of value in the online flexibility Peirce offered. She explained how this option allowed her to continuing working and balancing school with her life, especially as a new mother, in a non-stressful way. “I had my child in the middle of one of my semesters and with the help of my classmates, the professor and the online flexibility, I could continue submitting my work and moving forward even though I could not make it to class,” said Corin.

Additionally, Corin really enjoyed practicing and learning from the online IT program Peirce offers within its classes where students can work hands-on with computers and monitors to gain real-life experience.

“The one aspect that I valued the most when I was attending Peirce College was having an online program that allowed the students to put together the computer and monitor hardware and software in a real-life setting. If it wasn’t for that online program, I wasn’t sure how I was ever going to learn not only how to put together the computer, but how to really work with the monitor, software, and hardware,” said Corin. “It was all a learning process that took a lot of time and effort, but it was all worth it.”

And worth it, it was. Corin worked hard and officially earned her Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in June 2019. Corin is now searching for her dream career within an Information Technology department where she can put forth her best effort with her new skills and degree. She said she feels confident in her search because Peirce has prepared her. “I am inspired to get out into the world and apply to different jobs because Peirce College was there to help me edit my resume, apply to jobs, and focus on the goal of what I wanted to do,” explained Corin.

As Corin continues her career search, she isn’t done learning just yet. She re-enrolled at Peirce and this time she is earning her Certificate in Medical Coding to continue expanding her skill set and opportunities.

Peirce College commends Corin for all her hard work and wishes her nothing but continuous success on all her future endeavors!

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Friday, July 26, 2019

From Computers to Healthcare – Meet Miranda Mastellone

Peirce College prides itself on being an ideal college for adults in Philadelphia who are in search of a career change, and for Miranda Mastellone, that change is exactly what she was looking for. Enrolling in Peirce's Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program, Miranda was setting herself up for her ideal career move.

Miranda graduated from Peirce College’s partner school Pennsylvania Institute of Technology (PIT) in the late 1990’s with an associate degree in Computer Engineering, but shortly thereafter learned she was pregnant with her first child. By the time she was ready to start working in the computer industry, she felt like new developments in technology might have left her too far behind to be desirable for employers.

“I wanted a small school with a Computer Engineering program, and PIT was just what I had been looking for. I had a great experience there but the timing was a bit tough because I learned I was pregnant right after I graduated,” explained Miranda. “In the computer industry, if you don’t stay current, things pass you by really quickly.”

Realizing she might need to weigh her options and consider another career track, Miranda spoke to a friend that had recently started medical billing and coding classes. Miranda liked the sound of it, but thought it would be a better fit to train to be a Medical Assistant. She excelled in her classes and in 2000, earned her certification and started work in the healthcare field.

“I’ve been a Medical Assistant for 19 years,” Miranda said. I work in the GI Department at Penn Medicine and though I enjoy it, I know that I want to change from the clinical side to the administrative side. That’s why I’m back in school!”

Miranda, who hopes to become a Resident Coordinator upon her graduation from Peirce, mentioned that the degree you hold is just as important as work experience in the healthcare field. For that reason, Miranda knew she needed to arm herself with a bachelor’s degree to move over to the administrative side of her industry.

“I could keep moving laterally if I wanted to, but at this point I know I want to be on the clerical or administrative side. To do that, I need my bachelor’s degree,” Miranda said.

Miranda first heard about Peirce College when a colleague of hers that was enrolled at Peirce informed Miranda of her positive Peirce experience and about the Peirce Fit® learning format, which allows students to choose weekly whether to attend class online or on campus. Miranda had heard that Peirce was transfer-friendly, but she was very surprised (and very happy!) when she learned that 40 of her credits from her Computer Engineering degree would transfer over.

“From the very start, it’s been so seamless. I was thrilled to learn that the majority of my credits would transfer, and I absolutely love that I can attend all my classes online. Whenever I need anything, I get a response immediately. Even my advisor, April. When I need her for anything, I get a call right after I email her,” Miranda happily reported.

Though she works full time in addition to being a full-time student, Miranda says that she loves to spend time with her four grandchildren as much as she can. She loves to take them walking around her West Philadelphia neighborhood, especially the vibrant lawn at Clark Park.

Peirce College commends Pennsylvania Institute of Technology for providing Miranda with an excellent educational foundation, and wishes her well in all of her future endeavors!

If you or someone you know is looking to transfer to Peirce College, please contact me, Tom Tschop, Director, Strategic Partnerships & Institutional Enrollment, at 215.670.9203 or ttschop@peirce.edu.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Master’s Degree Epiphany – Meet Pamela Washington

Around her 50th birthday, Pamela Washington began to think long and hard about her purpose and what she was called to do in her life. After meeting with a life coach, Pamela had an epiphany about the possibility of returning to school to earn her master’s degree.

For 10 years, Pamela had no desire or drive to return to school, but following some soul-searching she discovered the program at Peirce, which aligned with her goals and values.

“When I received my epiphany, and started reviewing program curricula, I was immediately drawn to Peirce’s Organizational Leadership & Management program which focused on general leadership studies which would prepare me for any and all industries ranging in faith-based, non-profit, for-profit, etc.,” explained Pamela. “I knew I could take what I learned and apply it directly to many different lines of work.”

Following through with her pull to this program, Pamela enrolled in January 2016. She dedicated time and energy to fulfilling her purpose with this master’s degree. After working hard for three years, Pamela achieved her goal and graduated with her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management in June 2019.

As Pamela reflected back on her time at Peirce, there were many experiences that stood out to her. She said, “I really value Peirce’s approach to adult learners and the student support I received from both faculty and staff. I value the personal academic relationships with professors I acquired during my time. I believe these networks of relationships will transcend past graduation."

Further, Pamela said due to Peirce’s smaller size, she was able to develop relationships beyond just faculty and staff. “The graduate program turned into a family. We supported each other through everything; family wins and losses – births, funerals, job losses, illnesses, and fears of, 'I can’t do this,' etc.” said Pamela. “Peirce’s small setting allowed us the chance to develop relationships with each other over the years.”

Beyond graduating from Peirce with new relationships, Pamela also left with newly developed skills. Pamela said, “I gained universal leadership skills within Peirce’s OLM program. Personally, I have grown exponentially over the three years. My academic studies initiated a holistic growth spurt for me. My academic evolution simultaneously paralleled my personal, faith and professional growth.

Now, with her new degree in hand, Pamela plans to take her new leadership skills into the real world and apply them in a way she has never done before. “I learned early in my Peirce journey that there are formal and informal leaders,” explained Pamela. “My whole life I have been an informal leader among my family, friends, church, etc. I am now leaving Peirce equipped to be a formal leader. I will no longer shy away from formal leadership roles as I did before.”

As a proud mother of two, a career woman and now a Peirce graduate, Pamela has advice to share with other adults considering a new degree. She said, “We have given so much of ourselves to a career, a family, and the world in which we live in. And we don’t always get to our own dreams for any number of reasons, such as a lack of resources, procrastination, etc. My advice is to make a decision to invest in yourself. Now is your time!”

Peirce College is proud to have served Pamela Washington who found her calling at Peirce to better her life one degree at a time. Congratulations to Pamela!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Save Money While Earning Your Degree

Scholarships are a great way to gain extra financial support while earning your degree. Peirce College offers over 15 unique scholarships for a variety of programs which can save students up to $7,000 a year.

Before you apply, though, you want to make sure you are setting yourself up for success to land the most financial support. Today, Peirce’s Student Financial Services Team provides some helpful tips on how to best prepare for scholarship applications to ensure you get the most monetary reward during your educational journey.

Check out the video below:

Don’t miss out on applying for Peirce College’s scholarships in the 2019-2020 academic year! The deadline for most applications is Monday, July 15, 2019. To learn more and to apply, please visit peirce.edu/scholarships.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Health Information Was Her Passion; A College Degree Was Her Goal – Meet Tara Butler

Tara Butler always knew she wanted to earn her degree, but the timing was not quite right immediately after high school. After entering the workforce and getting years of experience under her belt in an industry where she found her passion, Tara was finally ready to return to school.

As an employee of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) at the time, Tara discovered there were a few colleges CHOP had agreements with that granted her a tuition discount in addition to her tuition assistance opportunities. After doing her research, Tara discovered Peirce College had what she was looking for.

Tara explained, “From the very first day I contacted Peirce the staff helped me with everything. They made it easy to transfer the credits I had from two different institutions. The tuition was affordable and I loved that I could complete my entire course requirements online.” Additionally, Tara found Peirce was set up in a way that fit her life as a wife, mother and full-time employee. She said, “I needed a program with flexibility and Peirce gave that to me.”

After finding her niche at Peirce, she enrolled in the summer of 2014 in the Health Information Technology associate degree program due to her vast experience in coding and her desire to get more involved in the health information field.

Once her associate’s journey was coming to an end, Tara decided she wasn’t done yet. “Towards the end of my degree completion I thought about continuing for my bachelor’s degree,” explained Tara. “I found out that I only had about 10-12 classes left in order to get my bachelor’s degree in Health Information Administration. Why stop now? It was the perfect choice for me.”

So, moving right into the next step, Tara enrolled in Peirce’s Health Information Administration program eager to continue learning and growing in her field of interest.

After working hard and dedicating herself to her studies, Tara Butler proudly graduated (for the second time) with a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Administration in June of 2019. Tara, additionally, now holds certifications as a Registered Health Information Technician, Certified Professional Coder and Certified Professional Medical Auditor. She is an active member of the AAPC and AHIMA and she volunteers with the AHIMA Foundation Student Merit Scholarship Committee.

In addition to all of these memberships and certifications, Tara currently holds the position as an Audit Revenue Cycle Coordinator at Penn Medicine where she can incorporate her knowledge from her two new degrees. Tara hopes to continue to advance within the industry and land a managerial position focused on health information.

As Tara reflects back on her time at Peirce, she thinks of all she has gained as a student and now alumna. “Peirce helped me to become a better student, employee and professional. I learned a lot from my time at Peirce. I approach obstacles differently; I don’t run away when things get hard or when things don’t go my way; and I am constantly looking for more opportunities to learn and better myself,” Tara said. “When you are a student at Peirce you feel like you can do anything.”

As a two-time Peirce graduate, Tara has some advice for other working adults who may be considering returning to school, “Don’t wait! I made excuses why it wasn’t the right time to go back to school. It doesn’t matter if you can only take 1 or 2 classes a semester you have to start somewhere.”

Congratulations to Tara on all of her accomplishments! Peirce College wishes her nothing but the best as she continues to chase her dreams.

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