Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Prepared to Speak the Computer Programming Language – Meet Corin Price-Howard

With a goal of learning the language for computer programming, Corin Price-Howard set out to earn a degree in a field that was both an interest and a passion for her. After discovering Peirce College’s Information Technology program, Corin enrolled and began her educational journey.

Corin started at Peirce in 2017 after strolling by the blue Peirce flags on Pine Street and doing some personal research to discover the opportunity for a degree in Information Technology. After being inspired by a previous college course, Corin was eager to take her knowledge beyond her original programming passion to discover even more computer experience she could take into the real world.

“I originally chose the Information Technology Program because I wanted to learn more about the programming language C#. In taking the Information Technology classes at Peirce, I started to learn all about the monitor and the computer, from the software to the hardware before even focusing on the programming languages that Peirce College offered,” explained Corin. “I expanded my knowledge from what I already knew about computer software, hardware and C# to a whole other level when taking classes at Peirce.”

Beyond just the new knowledge Corin was gaining, Corin also found a lot of value in the online flexibility Peirce offered. She explained how this option allowed her to continuing working and balancing school with her life, especially as a new mother, in a non-stressful way. “I had my child in the middle of one of my semesters and with the help of my classmates, the professor and the online flexibility, I could continue submitting my work and moving forward even though I could not make it to class,” said Corin.

Additionally, Corin really enjoyed practicing and learning from the online IT program Peirce offers within its classes where students can work hands-on with computers and monitors to gain real-life experience.

“The one aspect that I valued the most when I was attending Peirce College was having an online program that allowed the students to put together the computer and monitor hardware and software in a real-life setting. If it wasn’t for that online program, I wasn’t sure how I was ever going to learn not only how to put together the computer, but how to really work with the monitor, software, and hardware,” said Corin. “It was all a learning process that took a lot of time and effort, but it was all worth it.”

And worth it, it was. Corin worked hard and officially earned her Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in June 2019. Corin is now searching for her dream career within an Information Technology department where she can put forth her best effort with her new skills and degree. She said she feels confident in her search because Peirce has prepared her. “I am inspired to get out into the world and apply to different jobs because Peirce College was there to help me edit my resume, apply to jobs, and focus on the goal of what I wanted to do,” explained Corin.

As Corin continues her career search, she isn’t done learning just yet. She re-enrolled at Peirce and this time she is earning her Certificate in Medical Coding to continue expanding her skill set and opportunities.

Peirce College commends Corin for all her hard work and wishes her nothing but continuous success on all her future endeavors!

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