Thursday, September 26, 2019

Born to be in IT – Meet Robertson Osman

It is not uncommon for college students to consider different programs possibly once, twice, or a few times before they settle on a degree path that’s a perfect fit for their career goals.

Robertson Osman, however, knew from the start what program matched his life. Robertson is a current Peirce College student majoring in Information Technology focusing on Networking, Administration, & Information Security. From a young age, Robertson knew he had an interest in computers and technology, so it was natural that he enrolled as a Computer Science Major at Peirce College’s partner school, Pennsylvania Institute of Technology in 2007.

“I worked full time and I have three kids, so I attended school part time and graduated from PIT with my associate degree in 2011,” Robertson said. “I had a great experience there and graduated with honors, and soon after, I enrolled at a large university in Philadelphia.”

The big school feel wasn’t exactly what Robertson was looking for, though, and the lack of flexibility with scheduling courses was an impediment when it came to his full-time work schedule. “I needed something more flexible, and a friend of mine from PIT recommended Peirce College,” he explained. “I heard that it was transfer-friendly and that I could attend classes online or in person, so it was a natural fit.”

Robertson said the best thing about his experience at Peirce has been the level of attention and responsiveness he’s seen from his instructors. Every time he has a concern or question, he feels comfortable knowing that he’ll either get an immediate resolution on campus, or within a day when taking classes online. “I feel like the instructors really care about the students,” Robertson said. “They’ll hear you out with any issue you might have, and they truly want to help you in your coursework.”

Robertson still works full time while attending Peirce College, so he attends classes on campus in the evenings. He says that he enjoys the classroom setting and learning in person, although he takes comfort in the fact that he can attend class online on any particular day if he must.

When asked what he might recommend to any adult currently considering a return to college, Robertson was adamant in saying that the power of education can make one’s life better in many ways. “To me, it’s clear that getting my bachelor’s degree will improve my life by allowing me to earn more money at work, which will go a long way throughout the rest of my life. It will help not only me, but my family.”

Robertson stays very busy between attending classes as a full time student and working a forty-hour work week, but in his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his three children and wife of 20 years. He loves to play basketball and soccer with his two sons, and loves to take his young daughter swimming.

Peirce College salutes Pennsylvania Institute of Technology for providing Robertson with an outstanding educational foundation, and wishes him luck in all of his future endeavors!

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