Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Welcome Shaneice Neal, Three-Time Peirce Graduate, to the Peirce Staff!

Three Peirce degrees later, Shaneice Neal found herself not yet ready to leave behind the Peirce Community and came back to the College in a different position with a new outlook.

In 2000, Shaneice Neal originally started her journey at Peirce College after her aunt, a Peirce alumna, recommended the College to her. “My aunt graduated from Peirce back when it was Peirce Junior College and even then it had the small home-like, personalized attention setting she knew would work well for me,” explained Shaneice.

Shaneice looked into Peirce and their programs and decided business was her field of interest for many reasons. She said, “I chose the business route because it was broad for me allowing me to expand my portfolio, resume, and knowledge. I knew no matter what industry I would go into, every organization would have a finance department and would need someone with my degree. Choosing business felt like job security to me.”

With business on her mind, Shaneice enrolled in Peirce’s Associate in Science in Business Administration program. She quickly discovered her niche within this field and found herself really enjoying this line of work. She continued her studies and in 2005 graduated with her first degree.

Shaneice was not done yet, though.

Soon after, Shaneice once again enrolled at Peirce to earn her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She knew the more education she gained, the further her skills would develop and the farther she would go with her career. “The more I came to school, the more I learned how to utilize my new degree and future degrees out in the workforce. The more education I got, the more my skillset grew and developed.”

In 2012, Shaneice proudly walked across the commencement stage a second time earning her second Peirce degree.

At the time, Peirce College did not have a master’s program, so Shaneice went into the workforce to put her two new degrees to use. Then, one day, she heard of Peirce’s master’s program and back home she went.

“Being at Peirce, I always felt motivated to keep going. All the help, support, and resources available made me believe I could continue earning degrees to advance my life because I knew everyone was ready to help me cross the finish line.”

In 2019, Shaneice, once again, crossed the commencement stage proudly holding yet another diploma earning her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management.

As a three-time graduate, Shaneice has fond memories of all three graduations, but not just because she accomplished an educational goal. During her graduation with her associate degree, she was pregnant with her first son; then at her second graduation, she was pregnant with her second son; then at her third graduation, they both sat proudly in the audience cheering on their mom who continues to inspire her family and work hard to provide the best possible life she can.

After completing all of her degrees and fulfilling such personal and professional goals, Shaneice was ready to see where her new degrees would take her. Coincidentally, around the same time Shaneice was graduating with her master’s degree, a position opened at a very familiar place. Shaneice said, “I got a call and learned that a new position in my field of interest was available in Center City. Guess where? Peirce College!”

Shaneice was thrilled to be coming back to Peirce again, but this time as an employee and no longer a student. Shaneice is now a Senior Accountant where she uses her business skills at the place where she learned them!

Shaneice said, “I feel like I’m not even at work because I am so comfortable at Peirce and always feel like I am home. As a graduate, I understand the importance of my role and how everything we do impacts our students. I channel this compassion into my work each day.”

Shaneice credits her new position to her master’s degree and said, “Just having the degree got me in the door; my skills and experience landed me the position. Once I earned my master’s degree, I had no issues landing interviews for many jobs. I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to turn down job offers in order to select the best one for myself and my future.”

After earning three degrees, and landing her ideal career, Shaneice provides advice to all those who are considering earning their first, second, or third degree. She said, “Choose Peirce! If you are looking for a place that is both challenging and rewarding then this is the place to be. It will prepare you for the workforce and employers know the name. They hear you went to Peirce and immediately know you are able to multitask and find balance since Peirce is known for serving working adults who have many responsibilities. You will graduate with much more than a college degree.”

Congratulations to Shaneice on all her accomplishments! Peirce is honored to not only have served such a hardworking individual, but to now welcome Shaneice to the Peirce Team in a new capacity!