Tuesday, December 17, 2019

From Cosmetology to Healthcare: Meet Linda Mathis

Starting her career as a licensed cosmetologist, Linda Mathis found herself working long hours and constantly traveling for hair shows. She found satisfaction in the work by providing help and self-confidence to other women, but she knew there was more she could be doing.

One day, Linda decided to it was time to find out what that “more” was by returning to school to discover how she could continue to grow both personally and professionally.

That is when Linda found Peirce College.

Originally starting at Peirce in 2008, Linda enrolled in the Associate in Science in Business Administration program. After earning her first degree in 2010, she knew she wasn’t done yet. She kept her motivation going and earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management in 2017.

During her time earning her new degrees, she had a career change and found herself immersed in the healthcare industry. Gaining knowledge and a passion for this line of work, Linda was ready for more education to pair with her work experience. That is when she heard Peirce had a new master’s program that aligned with her goals.

Linda enrolled in Peirce College’s Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (MSHCA) program and was ready to tackle her next educational journey.

During her time in the program, she gained valuable skills, knowledge, and relationships she could not get anywhere else. “Besides becoming more educated about the structures of the healthcare industry, I learned there were no limits to my growth and career as I have become an innovative and dependable healthcare professional,” explained Linda. “Throughout the MSHCA Program, I acquired the knowledge and understanding on how to create my own organizational designs within my department that includes employee engagement, staffing strategies, and an adequate decision-making process. I have also gained relationships with other individuals who were on the same journey as myself.”

After working hard and dedicating herself to her studies, Linda Mathis finished her third Peirce degree and graduated this month! Linda reflected on her 11 years at Peirce by saying, “My overall experience at Peirce College has been amazing. From the very start of my journey here, I have always felt welcomed when I walked through the doors or logged on to my online classes. The entire staff has always been extremely helpful to myself and other students. I will always appreciate their time and patience.”

Linda is a proud first generation bachelor’s and master’s degree recipient in her family and she hopes to inspire others to return to school to achieve their dreams. She said, “If you have even an inkling of a thought about wanting to further your education, to elevate your career, or to reach a personal goal of obtaining a degree or certification, do not hesitate about enrolling in classes. It will be the most invigorating feeling after you have finished your program and have obtained that degree or certification!”

Congratulations to Linda! Peirce College is proud to serve individuals like Linda who set goals and work hard to achieve them.