Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Inspired By His Mother, Dedicated To His Studies: Meet Andrew Tong

Andrew Tong always wanted to make his mother proud and earn his college degree. He initially started his journey at another Philadelphia school, but found himself struggling with the larger class sizes and the program he selected. After finding his passion and his support team, Andrew Tong is graduating with his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Peirce College this month!

Originally starting as a computer major at a different school, Andrew discovered this was not where he imagined his career going. He began looking into business courses and discovered this was the path for him.

Andrew said, “I discovered business is more of an in-depth program than I ever imagined. It is not just simply focusing on advertising or numbers, but rather it is detailed-oriented, foundational for most careers, and involves a lot of interests of mine.”

After determining he was ready for a fresh start, he began to look into Peirce College.

“My mom graduated from Peirce College in 2012 with her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She recommended for me to transfer here. I came in for a visit and I was sold!”

Andrew met with Karen Hun, his personal Enrollment Specialist, who took him on a tour of the school and showed him the small class sizes and the capability to have more personalized attention. “When I realized I could get one-on-one interaction with professors, I knew I would do well here,” explained Andrew.

In addition to this individualized service, Andrew discovered all of his previous college credits from his first school would transfer in and allow him to earn his degree even faster. He said, “I learned that over 60 college credits would be incorporated immediately into my bachelor’s degree and this would allow me to finish earlier for less money.”

Once Andrew started at Peirce, he found the small class sizes were even better than anticipated and the professors supported him every step of the way. “Every professor always wanted to help me. If I ever felt like I was struggling, they would do whatever they could to help me,” said Andrew. “They always took the time to make sure I understood the content and did my best.”

Beyond the support of the professors, Andrew had another support system at Peirce. Andrew and his wife, Solina, both were Peirce students together chasing their dreams of earning degrees side-by-side. Andrew said, “Going to school together was great because we could always help each other and support one another, which was really important.”

To add even more to his degree during his time at Peirce, Andrew also took part in the work-study program where he worked part-time for the Admissions, Student Financial Services, and Marketing departments. He said, “The work-study program was extremely beneficial to me because I got to work with three different departments and learn how they operate. I learned different skill sets that I can take into the workforce.”

As Andrew is now transitioning from a student to an alumnus, he reflects on his original inspiration to start this journey. “My mom has always valued education. She was the oldest of six and she had to sacrifice her education when she was younger to care for her siblings. When she was finally able to go back to school, she earned both her associate and bachelor’s degrees. She inspired me to pursue and finish my degree!”

Congratulations to Andrew on earning his bachelor’s degree! Peirce College is honored to serve such hard working and dedicated individuals.