Friday, January 31, 2020

Advancing Her Life From the Ground Up: Meet Vernice Everett

Vernice Everett found herself moving from job to job with little to no stability all due to her lack of credentials. She began to struggle with what to do next to better her surroundings and life.

This is when Vernice decided it was finally time to return to school and earn the degree she needed for the career she deserved.

Starting from the ground up, Vernice enrolled at the Community College of Philadelphia ready to earn her first degree. After working hard, she graduated in 2015 with her associate degree in Paralegal Studies. “I chose to pursue my degree in Paralegal Studies because I have always had a passion for law,” explained Vernice. “I never finished high school, so when I finally decided to return to school, I was determined to follow my passion and achieve my dreams.”

Earning an associate degree was a big milestone for Vernice, but she wasn’t done yet. “I completed my first degree from CCP, but was eager to move along into my bachelor’s degree. An associate degree just wasn’t enough. Two of my friends recommended Peirce College, so I began to look into next steps,” said Vernice.

After speaking with Blake Scull, her Enrollment Specialist, Vernice determined Peirce was where she needed to be. She said, “Peirce had a Paralegal program that aligned with my career goals and all of my credits from CCP transferred in, which saved me time and money.”

Vernice dove into the Paralegal Studies program at Peirce and was ready to enhance her resume and skillset. As she began classes and started working toward her next degree, Vernice experienced an illness that almost took her life. However, this still did not stop her determination.

From her hospital bed, Vernice continued working on her coursework and achieving assignment deadlines. Soon after, she reached a different milestone in her life adding a new and very important piece to her story. “In 2016, while earning my bachelor’s degree, I got pregnant with my son. I never once stopped taking my courses, though. I knew I had to keep going and find a new balance as a single mother, working adult, and student,” explained Vernice.

With determination, perseverance, and a new appreciation for time management, Vernice earned her Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies in June 2019. Originally, she hoped to gain a new credential, but what she got from the new degree was so much more. “I not only gained a lot of knowledge personally and professionally within my degree program at Peirce such as law and business etiquette, but it also opened up a lot of doors for me in the workforce.”

Vernice went on an interview for a new position after earning her bachelor’s and was told she’d hear back in the future, but thanks to her new skills, knowledge, and credentials, that was not the case. “When I was on the interview, they told me they weren’t hiring right away, but I would hear back eventually. To my surprise, I got a call the next day and I was hired as a Paralegal with Capehart & Scratchard because of my bachelor’s degree and my next educational goal.”

What was that next goal? Her master’s degree! Vernice decided to keep going after earning two degrees and enrolled in Peirce’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management program. During this next educational journey, she hopes to enhance her current degrees and gain more leadership skills relevant to her new line of work.

As Vernice reflects back on her time at Peirce for her bachelor’s degree and eagerly looks forward to her upcoming courses, she said, “I love my school. Life has not always been kind to me, but since starting at Peirce, I have seen my life go from a negative to a positive. More doors have opened for me, I landed a great job, and this is all thanks to Peirce.”

Congratulations to Vernice on all of her accomplishments! Peirce College wishes her nothing but the best as she continues to chase her dreams and reach her goals.