Thursday, April 23, 2020

Inspired by Her Son, Driven by Her Goals: Meet Ayanna Abdullah

This story was originally published on Peirce College's website found here.

As a young, working mother and wife, Ayanna Abdullah was determined to do more by earning her degree. Originally looking into a bigger university, Ayanna found they didn’t have the programs or curriculum that aligned with her career plans.

After a fellow coworker recommended Peirce College, their alma mater, Ayanna began to look into what the College had to offer and quickly found her place.

“I started doing some research on Peirce College online and discovered the curriculum for the program I was interested in aligned with my goals,” said Ayanna. “I also realized Peirce would be a great fit as a mother and wife because of the option to do things both online and on campus.”

As Ayanna began to really take an interest in Peirce, she found out even more great news. As a member of 1199c district, Ayanna was able to receive a corporate partner tuition discount. All signs pointed to Peirce College, so Ayanna enrolled in the Associate in Science in General Studies program in 2015.

After working hard, she was able to complete her first degree in 2018, but she immediately knew she was not done yet. “I have a family full of individuals with their master’s and doctorate degrees. I knew it was important to follow in their footsteps to get to where I want to be, so I started my bachelor’s right after finishing my associate degree,” explained Ayanna.

Transitioning seamlessly into Peirce’s Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership program, Ayanna found this degree path offered her the variety of skills, experience, and knowledge she was seeking. “What sold me on the Organizational Leadership program was all the different avenues you can take with this degree,” said Ayanna. “Human resources, leadership, corporate business, medical world, etc. are all covered within this degree path.”

As Ayanna went through the program, she gained even more than she initially thought possible. “In this program, I really got a better understanding of how organizations work, different techniques in the business world, unique leadership styles, how to communicate effectively, how to manage a team full of diverse individuals, and more,” Ayanna said. “The diversity within the classroom and within the lessons taught gave me a bigger outlook on how to operate an organization within a leadership role with individuals from all different backgrounds and walks of life.”

In addition to the valuable knowledge she gained from her classwork, Ayanna said one of the things she valued the most during her time with Peirce is the Walker Center for Academic Excellence. She explained, “The Walker Center has absolutely been the best experience for me. Working one-on-one with tutors got me through some of my toughest classes, such as statistics. I would come to campus again and again for appointments and my tutor always gave me the help and attention I needed to do well. The entire team was always patient, kind, and willing to help with whatever I needed.”

Now, as Ayanna quickly approaches the end of her bachelor’s degree journey, on track to complete her last class next month, Ayanna is still moving her educational goals forward thanks to her true inspiration. “My son has been my inspiration through all of this. He has always driven me to want to do more. That is why as of May 12th I will be starting in Peirce’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management program.”

While finishing her second degree and preparing to start her third, Ayanna continues to work hard as a Team Lead for Patient Registration at a health care facility. Her job consists of training employees, which is a place where she can take her classroom knowledge right into her line of work.

Congratulations to Ayanna as she finishes up her second degree in May and moves onto earning her third. Peirce College is proud to serve students like Ayanna who have a drive to do more each and every day.

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Peirce Positive Project

Peirce College understands how challenging your current situation may be as COVID-19 continues to impact our world. To help bring some positive light to your day, members of the Peirce College community have come together to share positive words of encouragement and inspiration that have helped us keep going each and every day.

We call it the Peirce Positive Project.

Check it out below:

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Registering for 20/21 Virtually & On Time

Have you ever heard the saying the early bird catches the worm? Well, this is certainly true when registering for classes.

At Peirce College, we recommend that you contact your Academic Advisor to register early for the entire upcoming academic school year. Why? It’s simple: You will reap the benefits of:

1. Getting the Classes You Want: Popular classes fill up quickly. If you register for all your classes now, you won’t have to worry about a class being full later.

2. Seeing The Bigger Picture: In viewing the class schedule for the entire academic year, you will see that there are some classes that are only offered certain sessions or just once per year. Missing out on these classes could hinder your ability to graduate on time. Therefore, seeing the full academic schedule can help you register for the right classes at the right time.

3. Avoiding Roadblocks: When you register early, you can get a jump start on common roadblocks such as textbook issues, financial aid issues, and unexpected holds on your account.

4. Avoiding Class Cancellations: Nothing is more frustrating than having a course that you need get cancelled. We run courses based on class enrollment. If enough students register early for a class, we will run it. It is as simple as that.

5. Planning Your Schedule in Advance: Registering for classes early allows you to lock in your schedule for work, family, and summer vacations. After all, who does not want to take a nice vacation?

Currently, with the global pandemic, we know that our “new normal” involves doing everything remotely. With that being said, here are some tips to manage registration without ever having to come to campus:
  • Call or email your Academic Advisor to set up a phone or virtual appointment for planning out your next academic year
    • Or click on your Academic Advisor’s appointment calendar found under his or her email signature to set up an appointment on your own
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor by phone, Google Hangout or Zoom
  • Request that your Academic Advisor send you a recommended schedule by email for review
  • Register yourself for classes on under the My Classes Tab and Add/Drop Section and then send your Academic Advisor an email asking him or her to review your schedule
    • Or send your Academic Advisor an email or a Google Hangout chat message to register one on one through the chat box
Even during this time of online communication, there is no reason to wait. Registration for 2020-2021 opens Monday, April 20th. Contact your Academic Advisor today at 215.670.9177 or and take the first step to securing your next academic year and getting even closer to reaching your goal of graduation.

Monday, April 6, 2020

From Morocco to Peirce College: Meet Naima Qadimi

This story was originally published on Peirce College's website found here.

After leaving 19 years of middle school education experience behind and moving from Morocco to the United States, Naima Qadimi was seeking a way to reshape her career, find a new opportunity that fit her new life, and advance her education.

Naima was eager to start her journey in Philadelphia and began asking around and looking into different programs. She learned of Peirce College and came to visit campus seeking guidance on next steps. What she found was so much more.

“When I came to Peirce at first, I was looking for advice on earning a degree,” explained Naima. “I met Steve Bird, who I am so thankful for, because he was so helpful and warm immediately welcoming me and making me feel comfortable. I knew this was the place where I could improve my career and earn my degree.”

Originally enrolling in 2014, Naima started with her associate degree in the Business Administration program. She chose this degree path because, “it is the field that can fit into so many opportunities in the labor market. Also, because of my ability to speak multiple languages (Arabic, French, English) I would love to open my own business as a translator one day.”

After applying herself to her new educational goal, Naima completed her first step in 2016. She immediately moved on to the bachelor’s program once again focusing on Business Administration and this time adding on a concentration in management.

During both programs, Naima said she gained so much from skills on managing a business to real-world lessons and information. She said, “In the Business Administration programs, I was able to earn degrees that can serve me better in my career. I learned how to be an ethical leader while managing a business; practical knowledge on the United States market; time management skills; and skills to help my future business grow and expand.”

Beyond the skills she learned within the classroom, Naima said she really appreciates the relationships she gained at the College. “I really value the professionalism and friendships of all the College staff and faculty. There is a huge support system for working adults to help students achieve their goals and advance their skills in many disciplines.”

In December 2019, Naima proudly completed her second degree and said, “My Peirce experience was the best experience of my life because it allowed me to learn so much and meet new people. Pursuing my degree was always a dream of mine and Peirce College helped me turn that dream into reality.”

Naima is continuously working towards her dream of opening her own business, which she hopes to do soon. In the meantime, she has some future goals in mind that may lead her back to Peirce. “When it comes time for me to think about earning another bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, I will definitely be back at Peirce College to once again be with the team that works with me side-by-side to empower my career and life.”

Congratulations to Naima on all her accomplishments!

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